7caeAqpcAFor your next preschool or daycare activity program, which is a fun magic program? For Young Children

One of the most difficult audiences, are children unless one is experienced to entertain children. It can be difficult to do many programs. That is why The Magic World Of Lorenzo will make the difference.  Lorenzo is an experience Magician, is a "Pied Piper" in Children Entertainment.

There are amazing cool magic effects that are performed. Live doves appear, goldfish out of nowhere. Children interact within the Magic Show, for a great activity program. Having performed with over 3,000 Children's Events, from Children Birthday Parties, Preschools Programs, Day Cares and Libraries.

For a great and wonderful magic show, which is fun for all young children? What makes my magic show different, than other magic program, is more magic is performed at each magic shows where compared to my competition where they perform less magic in their magic programs. If you're looking for a great magic show than the Magic World of Lorenzo is your best choice.

  • Woodbury Child Development Center
  • Glassboro Child Development Center
  • Imagination Quist Daycare Center in Mantua, NJ
  • Tiny Tots Daycare Center in Woodbury, NJ
  • Health Fair in Woodbury, and Pennsauken, NJ

    My rates are reasonable, for the magic programs I offer. My magic programs far exceeds magician whose rates are high.


A Special Program coming soon, The Clown In A Trunk

This is a unique and different magic program for young children, which is fun and enjoyable. With this program the young children interact a lot with in the Magic Program, there are cool amazing magic effects. The Magic Washing Machine, magic art, the chicken that loss all its money and many more exciting magic effects.

Including live doves appear, even goldfishes will appear. Also children participate in making Mr. Balloon Head that they keep. The children try to fins the Clown, also the story of the little bug that didn't know what she was. The children try to finds the Clown when they do, there a surprise ending. It's the only magic program, with a surprise ending. The Clown in a Trunk is the only Magic Program performed by the Magic World Of Lorenzo.



To Whom It May Concern:

Lorenzo Gagne performed as a magician for our summer camp children on Wednesday, August 30, 2009. He did magic tricks as well made balloon animals for all our children. He had many nice magic tricks and used many of the children and some teachers to encourage audience participation, He was enjoyed by everyone young and old alike.

His rates were reasonable and I would recommend him for hire. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at (856) 423-4242


Cindy Pilfers: Assistant Director


Dear Lorenzo,

This letter is to thank you for your two performances at our school. The children really enjoyed the show having them on stage helping you was very nice. The teachers also commented onb the shows I think they enjoyed as much as the children, thank you again.


Ann Ferry: Vice President

             Woodbury Child Development Center

Dear Lorenzo,
       Thank You so much for Entertaining our children last week your magic show is really good, you held their attention thank you again for thinking of us.

                                                               Phyllis Folk, School Director 


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