The Magic World Of Lorenzo will be the next library program. You will discover the many wonderful treasures that are found within a library. With The Magic World of Lorenzo, discover where one can read about Famous People, and History of the pass, including the many Civilizations that once were. Including many secrets of the Universe, also there are books to read that are no longer available.

The Library is wonderful source of information, including learning to help fill the mind with knowledge, with knowledge there is power. When one comes to a Library what is important, is to obtain a "Library Card", which is the key to borrow the choosing of many books to take home, also the Library Card offers the opportunity, to visit the many Libraries in New Jersey. What makes the Library a special place is a "Woman Librarian" to assist one that need to find important information, also there are many other fun activity. Including a great real magic show.

Lorenzo offers a real magic show, which is a 100% all magic. Just like the magic performed by the greaqt magician of the pass like Houdini, Howard Thurston, Harry Keller and the magician of the present time like David Copperfield, David Blain, Criss Angle at the end of the magic show children will learn how to do a few simple magic tricks. Come to the library were knowledge is found, and experience the great magic of The Magic World Of Lorenzo.



The W. Leslie Rogers Library would like to thank you for presenting an extremely interesting Magic Show on April 5th.  I personally felt that the excellent rapport which you had with all the children in the audience added to the outstanding performance you gave.

I know that I enjoyed the program immensely, as did the Library Director and a Library Board member who were also present. Thank you again for a wonderful evening.


Mrs. Carole Jean Clark
Senior Librarian Childrens

Program - Library Magic Shows

A Library is a special place, where one reads about History, there are books of Famous People; it’s a place of Knowledge, Information and most important a place of Tranquility. What makes a Library special is a Librarian to assist to help find important information. Within the Library are books on Magic, at any time one can find what they are searching for, but not a Magician. This coming month why not have The Magic World of Lorenzo perform at one of your Evening’s Program.

At the end of the show, Children will learn how to do some simple Magic Tricks.   


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