School Programs

Program - Student Goals
Education is a very important factor for the future of today's students and their goals.  For your next assembly program why not reward the students with a magic program.  In addition at the end of each program an explanation of important keys for the students to help achieve their goals for their future.

Program - What Is Happening In Schools
There are negative situation happening, which can mean for a student doing poorly in school, affecting their Social Life, Suicide or harm to other Students, which is Bulling and Cyber Bulling? 

Many times School Officials are not aware that it’s happening with the Student being bullied, because it is not reported for “Fear of Reprisal”. At the close of the program, the students are informed of the consequence to those doing the bulling. For a magic program that is different, the Magic World of Lorenzo is your right choice.  I Offer Quality Magic Shows not high prices.

Program - Preschool & Daycare Magic Shows

Children can be difficult audiences to do many programs for, unless one is experienced to entertain children. The Magic World of Lorenzo makes the difference. Magic program for child, up to 6 years old, with cool amazing magic is performed. A Pied Piper in Children Entertainment,  With The Magic World of Lorenzo, you get amazing Magic Show that GUARANTEE, of being a fine and very entertaining program.

In addition to a regular school magic program, there is a special program of 35 minutes that will help students achieve their goals for their future.


Coming Soon....

Program - "The Clown In A Trunk"
This is a unique program for young children, called the Clown in The Trunk with a surprise ending. This is a sensational program, with unique magic effects for young children from ages of up to 8 year old. This is a new kind of magic program for preschool children. 


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